• Kia Ronaki: the Maori Performing Arts

    Kia Ronaki: the Maori Performing Arts
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    ISBN: 9781486002405
    Title: Kia Ronaki: the Maori Performing Arts

    In the last thirty years there has been an explosion of interest in the Maori performing arts but until now there has been no general book written in English or Maori about the Maori performing arts by Maori authors and exponents of the various genres.

    This new work, Kia Ronaki: The Maori Performing Arts, edited by John Moorfield, Tania Ka‘ai and Rachael Ka‘ai-Mahuta, brings together the expertise of a range of performance artists and academics, consolidating their knowledge into a comprehensive single volume that will be of relevance to all those interested in the Maori performing arts.

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