• How to Make a Piupiu

    How to Make a Piupiu
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    ISBN: 9780143009450
    Title: How to Make a Piupiu

    This highly illustrated book gives step-by-step instructions on how to make your own piupiu, the traditional Maori flax skirt. Experienced Rotorua weaver Leilani Rickard covers everything you need to know - from customary uses of harakeke or flax, to the simple tools you will need to finish the garment. Colour photographs record every phase of the craft process; from selecting the right flax frond to cutting and preparing it; to dyeing the flax through to binding and strengthening the waistb∧ pattern making; storage of the finished garment and more. The craft advice is accompanied by a gallery of flax skirt creations in both traditional and modern styles. 

    Format: Paperback
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