• Favourite Maori Legends

    Favourite Maori Legends
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    ISBN: 9780947506223
    Title: Favourite Maori Legends
    Author: REED A W

    Maori myths and legends have an important role in transmitting and regenerating traditional knowledge. Yet as Ross Calman points out in his introduction to this new edition, they are also simply great yarns reflective of a time when telling and listening to stories was a key leisure activity in Maorii society. Favourite Maori Legends is an invitation to enjoy over 30 of the most memorable legends, grouped into themes of the spirit world, patupaiarehe (ghosts), taniwha, supernatural creatures, heroes and deeds of daring. Concise yet complete, these gripping stories are enlivened by the timeless illustrations of Roger Hart."

    Format: Paperback
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