• Ngati Kahu: Portrait of a Sovereign Nation

    Ngati Kahu: Portrait of a Sovereign Nation
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    ISBN: 9781775503040
    Title: Ngati Kahu: Portrait of a Sovereign Nation

    This book describes the iwi of Ngti Kahu through the traditions and histories of each of the sixteen hap, told by kuia and kaumtua and kept alive for future generations. These include histories of poverty, deprivation and marginalisation at the hands of the Crown, and loss of lands of the iwi. The book examines the range of techniques used by the Crown to justify its actions and the way these laid the groundwork for continuing injustices. The remedies needed to redress these injustices and achieve reconciliation of Ngti Kahu and the Crown are set out. These include constitutional change to achieve the restoration of political, social and economic well-being to Ngti Kahu, Crown relinquishment of all Ngti Kahu lands to their rightful owners and payment of sufficient compensation to ensure no further Treaty of Waitangi claims. This history of Ngti Kahu details the range of Crown actions against Ngti Kahu to the current day, the effects of these actions on the people of Ngti Kahu and the concerted and continuing efforts by Ngti Kahu for remedies and reconciliation with the Crown.

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