• Benessere Well-being: Vegan & Sugar-free Eating for a Healthy Life-style

    Benessere Well-being: Vegan & Sugar-free Eating for a Healthy Life-style
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    ISBN: 9780473166335
    Title: Benessere Well-being: Vegan & Sugar-free Eating for a Healthy Life-style

    BENESSERE WELL-BEING: VEGAN AND SUGAR-FREE EATING FOR A HEALTHY LIFE-STYLE contains over 520 recipes, each with a full colour photograph. This recipe book covers all possible meals, with sub-sections, starting with breakfasts, spreads, lunches, soups, dinners, tofu and tempeh recipes, one pot meals, home-made pasta, savoury baking, sweet baking, desserts, snacks and drinks. The recipes were all constructed from scratch, with a few well-known favourites that have been modified using meat and dairy substitutions. Although the recipes cover all the various cooking and preparation methods, as well as the cooking styles from a large range of ethnic influences, the dishes are easy to prepare as daily meals for one's family. Suggestions are given for substituting ingredients to make the best of what is in season and to suit the average pantry. The book was produced in New Zealand, and all the ingredients are locally sourced from supermarkets, with a few special ingredients available from organic shops. Baking and making desserts without eggs, dairy or sugar is made easy with additional hints for interchanging ingredients. The sweet baking and dessert sections have extensive nutritional tables (covering Calories, Total fat, Saturated fat, Sodium, Potassium, Total carbs, Sugars, Fibre, Protein, Calcium and Iron). The glossary explains unusual and foreign ingredients and how they are made. The index is ingredients-based, making it very easy for anyone to look up a range of recipes, cooking techniques and finding the gluten-free recipes. Most of the recipes have cross-references to other recipes, preparation methods or accompanying meal and sauce suggestions.

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