• Baking for Blokes Diy in the Kiwi Kitchen

    Baking for Blokes Diy in the Kiwi Kitchen
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    ISBN: 9781869662936
    Title: Baking for Blokes Diy in the Kiwi Kitchen
    Author: JOLL STEVE

    Steve Joll does not pretend to be a chef. But as a busy dad and radio host, he knows what the modern man, who will happily work up a banana cake but has neither time nor the inclination to spend hours in the kitchen, wants in a recipe - simplicity. And the success of the website he started just over a year ago - www.blokeswhobake.co.nz - proves him right. In Baking for Blokes, the book, Steve presents the most popular of his recipes with a distinctly 'blokey' feel, using bold 'men at work' graphics and quirky introductions that will appeal to a male readership. Recipes are clearly laid out with step-by-step instructions. Plenty of tips are offered and the recipes are all tried and tested with degree-of-difficulty ratings and reviews taken from visitor feedback to the baking website. The various chapters cover biscuits, squares and slices, muffins and scones, cakes and loaves, pies, quiches and savouries, desserts, tarts and treats, and sauces, icings and fillings.

    Format: Paperback
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