• At the Beach

    At the Beach
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    ISBN: 9781869664534
    Title: At the Beach

    Part memoir, part sumptuous holiday cookery book…which will equip you with how to take a waste not approach creating outstanding food and beverages from meagre

    A collection of recipes to suit the relaxed nature of holidays, interspersed with evocative stories of life at a remote beach location, away from the convenience of shops and markets. The recipes are pared down and adaptable, some with a seaside focus, such as those featuring several different ways to prepare crayfish, and they cover all seasons.

    The author outlines her beach food philosophy, which includes improvising ingredients with whatever is to hand, and simplifying recipes to work with less. A ‘waste not’ approach to cooking is paramount where the nearest shops are an hour’s drive away. Combining nostalgia for the simple life with the skills of a trained Cordon Bleu chef, this is a book is to be savoured – at the beach.

    Format: Paperback
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