• At My Table

    At My Table
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    ISBN: 9781775533153
    Title: At My Table

    Hearty, delicious mainstream New Zealand recipes from MasterChef New Zealand winner, Chelsea Winter. Chelsea Winter is a very popular MasterChef NZ winner - she already has over 6000 followers on Facebook with a loyal fanbase who she looks after very well with frequent posts of new recipes and commentary on events she's doing. Chelsea is very down-to-earth u she works in the city in a marketing job but she comes from the country and she loves nothing better than being at the beach. She's fresh and lively and fun. Her recipes reflect her personality u they're quite casual and relaxed and all about great flavours. Chelsea loves good, hearty mainstream food and she wants people to love delicious food as much as she does. Her signature dish is Buffalo Chicken wings with blue cheese sauce, best eaten out on the deck with a few beers and a game of cards on the side.

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