• Enigma Variations

    Enigma Variations
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    ISBN: 9781250159977
    Title: Enigma Variations
    Author: ACIMAN ANDRE

    From the author of Call Me by Your Name (now a major motion picture) comes "a sensory masterclass, absorbing,intelligent, unforgettable" (Times Literary Supplement)

    Enigma Variations charts the life of a man named Paul, whose loves remain as consuming and as covetous throughout his adulthood as they were in his adolescence. Whether the setting is southernItaly, where as a boy he has a crush on his parents' cabinetmaker, or a snowbound campus in New England, where his enduring passion for a girl he'll meet again and again over the years is punctuated by anonymous encounters with men--whether he's on a tennis court in Central Park or on a New York sidewalkin early spring. Paul's attachments are ungraspable, transient, and forever underwritten by raw desire.

    Ahead of every step Paul takes, his hopes, denials, fears,and regrets are always ready to lay their traps. Yet the dream of love lingers. We may not always know what we want. We may remain enigmas to ourselves and toothers. But sooner or later, we discover who we've always known we were.

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